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Comprehensive Business Travel Service

You know what it‘s like: Planning business trips can be time-consuming and complicated. It’s good to have someone who can do it for you.
We are able to service you personally with quick decision processes, flexibility, personal customer service. At the same time, you have all the advantages of an international chain of travel agencies with 630 locations all around the world.

We specialise in businesstravel and have developed specific services for all corporate employees with business travel responsibilities. We offer efficiency, cost-optimization and flexibility - before, during and after your trip. You have our word!

Enjoy the benefits of a strong partner and let us book your first-rate business trips at best prices.

Marine & Offshore

Polaris Travels is the sister Company of Polaris Maritime Services, founded in Szczecin, Poland in 1991. We have been successfully providing dedicated maritime travel and managing ships' crew travel services ever since.
Our experience of the Marine and Offshore industry is extensive and our knowledge in this field is vast.
We operate from our Office in Szczecin, Poland.
Polaris Travels is fully bonded and licensed by all appropriate regulatory authorities to sell Marine and Offshore Travel Services.
We are proud to serve a large cross section of Marine and Offshore related businesses throughout Poland, Europe and Worldwide.


Specialist Marine Fares

Polaris Travels has Marine and Offshore fares with most of the world's major airlines. These specialist fares provide significant cost savings compared to the regular travel industry fares and have the added advantage of normally being fully flexible and refundable


Professional Consultants

Our staff fully understand the complexities and demands of marine and offshore travel. They understand that often, arrangements are at very short notice, frequently involving the movement of large numbers of personnel. They also know that, more than likely, last minute changes or cancellations occur, yet in all these cases, the service from our team of experts excels.
Polaris Travels Consultants are on duty 24 hours a day, every day of the year, providing you with uninterrupted, seamless support and assistance. Wherever you are in the world, whether day or night, our resources are at your disposal.
Polaris Travels recognises that Marine and Offshore personnel also require regular fares and services to further connections. Our staff are happy to provide you with the following supplementary services.
In-depth research and sourcing of the best fare for your chosen itinerary, including the low cost carriers. Amadeus gives us immediate access to 700 airlines worldwide.

Hotel Reservations.
We have access to more then 70,000 hotels throughout the world, many with specially negotiated rates.

Rent a Car.
We have access to car hire companies throughout the world.
Management Information Reports providing detailed analysis of your company's travel expenditure.

Bus PolarisTravels

Passenger bus transport

We provide companies with passenger bus transportation all over Europe with own busses. We have license of the Ministry of Infrastructure for international transport which makes us a reliable partner. We have also EU permission for seafarer carriage.
We have a brand of Mercedes Sprinter vehicles which, combined with over 12 years experience and a long term practice and experience of our drivers, gives you a real comfort and safety during your trip. We are always flexible and we are preparing the journey according to your needs and requirements.