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In 2008, Lufthansa City Center began a reforestation project in Argentina. Since then, more than 2,500 trees have been planted. The LCC Forest has grown into an ongoing, long-term project which, in addition to sustainably supporting the environment, looks to educate young children about handling our precious resources carefully and respectfully.

Therefore, children from local schools have been chosen to play an active role in this project. Twice a year, these children are invited to begin the plantation project with the support of Sembrar, a local ecological organisation. In this way, the world’s youngest people get the opportunity to contribute to the future of their planet. Each sapling carries the LCC Forest logo and the name of its personal supporter.

Where are we now?
Eight years later and over 2,500 trees have been planted. Yet with 650 LCC agencies and thousands of LCC customers worldwide, this forest has the potential to get bigger, and bigger! Help us to promote the LCC Forest by sharing the link with your friends, family and customers. Together we can make the forest grow!

How does the project work?
Every LCC member, employee or customer can donate a tree bearing their name to the LCC forest. Each tree costs 10 EUR which can be made payable either to the LCC Headquarters or directly to the LCC forest. The bank details can be found at

The LCC forest cannot stop growing. 2,500 cannot be the limit. We need more awareness. We need more trees. We need your support!

Find out more and donate here.